One service for all your e-commerce needs: from transport to warehousing, product availability, order fulfilment, last-mile delivery and returns.

In order to operate a successful e-commerce company, you need more than a user-friendly webshop and a strong online marketing strategy. You also need the necessary logistics services to operate the business.

Providing a positive ecommerce experience to thousands of consumers in markets around the world is a huge undertaking. Factors like flash sales and rising expectations around shipping times, cost, and customizations, will only increase this challenge.

Synogix offers a suite of e-logistics solutions targeted specifically for the highly demanding e-commerce environment.


Platform Support

E-commerce marketplaces are increasingly popular and the popularity continues to rise.

In addition to accelerating sales opportunities, marketplaces are ideal for enabling product exposure and generating brand awareness because they’re frequented by such large, broad audiences.

However, major marketplaces require sellers to deliver on strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which requires careful attention and can be complicated if your inventory isn’t consolidated.

Our marketplace fulfilment solution eases the entire process and facilitates a successful marketplace sales strategy.

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