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We provide logistics solutions for:

Forward & reverse logistics
  • Order fulfilment
  • Transportation management
  • Reverse logistics
  • Value added services
Logistics software
  • Customer service & KPI portal
  • Integration modules
  • Return portal
  • Smart routing
Omnichannel fulfilment
  • Retail & wholesale
  • Branded webshops
  • Ecommerce fulfilment

Brands that trust our logistics services

We are the logistics service provider of several world-renowned fashion, footwear and lifestyle brands. Thanks to our rich history in logistics management, we know exactly which logistics solutions our customers need. In this way, Synogix tackles every specific need and challenge and seamlessly fuels the omnichannel distribution of these brands.

  • trixie
  • jeune premier
  • lee cooper
  • chaussea
  • safety jogger
  • patrick
  • leomil
  • s.oliver
  • sprox

Logistics management

Synogix has the capacity as well as the experience to provide you with the logistics service that exactly matches your needs.

of warehousing
pieces delivered per year
Our logistics services go a long way back

Our 3pl solutions in a nutshell

focus on brands

Expert in fashion & lifestyle logistics

Thanks to our in-house brands, we gained extensive expertise in logistics solutions for footwear, clothing, sportswear and (kid’s) accessories. Treating other fashion & lifestyle brands as our own.


Experienced logistics partner

Since 1950, Synogix has grown as the logistics company of the international and family-owned Cortina Group. Ready to use more than 70 years of logistics experience to your advantage.


Omnichannel fulfilment

We support your omnichannel fulfilment by offering solutions for all your sales channels. From wholesale and retail logistics to e-commerce and marketplace fulfilment.

it as backbone

Custom-designed solutions

Our customer focus and flexibility allow us to address the specific needs and challenges of each customer and deliver custom-designed 3pl solutions. Because today’s logistics enables tomorrow’s sales.

cost efficient

Cost-efficient logistics management

Thanks to the right mix of operational knowledge, technology and getting things done, Synogix offers cost-efficient supply chain solutions, without compromising on quality.

we provide cost-efficient logistics solutions that drive your business forward, long term.

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