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Order fulfilment

Our order fulfilment and transportation solutions enable your growth — through any channel, any market, anywhere. Whether fulfilling retail or wholesale orders, marketplace orders on Amazon or Zalando, or supporting your Magento or Shopify website, we have the technology, infrastructure and expertise to help you every step of the way.

At Synogix, flexibility is key. High or low seasons, holiday peaks, flash sales,…. — business demands change quickly, and your warehouse capacity needs may change as well. Whether your peaks follow typical holiday calendar events or happen at a unique cadence, we are prepared to support your order volume. Based on your forecasts, we can reserve additional labour force and pack stations, as well as floor space and transportation.

Our order fulfilment centers are located in Belgium, close to the major European markets and are providing efficient transportation options. We cover the APAC-region through our own Chinese warehouses. For further flexibility, our warehouse locations allow for shared labour pools, as well as shared IT and HR resources.


It's way more than getting products from point A to point B!

Our solutions

  • Own warehouses in strategic locations in the world
  • Peak management
  • Trained labour force
  • Omnichannel & omnimarket solutions
  • Strong technology


Transportation management

Transportation is expensive. Freight shipments are a costly element of the entire order fulfilment process, and high freight rates can quickly erode your profit margin.

A 3PL transportation relationship provides you with access to competitive, volume-based shipping rates and options. Our comprehensive transportation solutions save you time and money and include a visibility tool to enable control and transparency.

Managing multiple carriers, modes, and meeting freight shipping thresholds to take advantage of price breaks is a big task. Just let us procure shipping rates on your behalf. Thanks to our transportation solutions, you can completely focus on your growth.

Moreover, thanks to our worldwide partner network and years of experience in the industry, we can offer customs solutions in a compliant and efficient way. Speeding up your time-to-market and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Pallet and small parcel management, shipping rate procurement, carrier contract negotiations,…
just let us handle your transportation management.

Our solutions

  • In and outbound, returns & custom solutions
  • From small parcel to pallet to FCL management
  • Worldwide partner network
  • Competitive rates
  • Transparent visibility tools

Reverse Logistics

Since e-commerce keeps growing, returns play a significant role in your supply chain management. Returns management across multiple channels can present complex challenges, depending on what is required to restock a product or prepare it for disposal.

Whether your returns contain mixed pallets of products from retail stores or direct-to-consumer orders, we can provide the necessary reverse logistics for any channel. Lowering the cost, risk and complexity of your operations.

Synogix manages your reverse logistics efficiently to maximise value recovery. Data gathered along the way provide business insights, which can be used to understand the reasons for returns. Allowing you to determine areas of focus for continuous improvement and to design the most optimal returns management.


We make sure you don't get stuck in reverse.

Our solutions

  • Returns management across multiple channels
  • Mixed pallet, retail store and direct-to-consumer order returns
  • Quality control & value recovery
  • Data gathering


Value added services

Value added services are an important option in the fulfilment process, since so much inventory is passed directly from the manufacturer to the warehouse. From confirming quality to procuring a specific customer experience, to configuring inventory for its intended sales channel, value added services apply a special layer of attention to your order fulfilment operation. We offer standard options and also accommodate highly customized solutions.

Our standard offering includes:




Quality Assurance

sample handling

Sample Handling



kitting and bundling

Kitting and Bundling



Kitting, labeling, quality control, … — we’re ready to go the extra mile to prepare your product for sale.

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