Many well-known brands already trust Synogix as their logistics partner. Each customer has its own specific needs and challenges. Synogix is highly flexible and is always looking for a suitable solution for every customer.

Discover below the specific challenges of our customers and how we have overcome these together with them.

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Patrick is specialised in teamwear for sports clubs.


A typical example of peak deliveries. 70% of the total volume has to be delivered to the clubs in 3 months, just before the start of a new season.

Exceptional order profile: clubs order specific items per individual player that need to be personalised correctly later in the process.


Investment in goods-to-man order picking system (AutoStore).

Products are stored in 44,000 extremely compactly stacked bins, over which robots operate. This makes storage and order picking for Patrick flawless, fast, dust-free, anti-theft and durable.


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