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Trixie is a Belgian company, specialized in making sustainable baby and children's products.


In recent years, Trixie acquired a strong position in its market, with a growth of 20-30% as a result. But this also led to some logistics growing pains, such as capacity challenges and difficult logistics flows.

Since Trixie's customer portfolio consists of a mix of private customers, larger chains and online players, they were looking for an external logistics partner who could handle both its B2B and B2C distribution. And who could meet the logistic requirements of some of its larger B2B customers.

Logistics solution
Omnichannel fulfilment

Thanks to years of experience in omnichannel fulfilment, we can serve all kinds of end-customers today from the same warehouse. And we can process both large B2B orders and sensitive webshop orders in a cost-efficient and operationally streamlined way. By taking care of both Trixie's inbound and outbound logistics, we managed to bring back the organization’s balance.

In addition, we ensure that Trixie can once again fully focus on its core activities. This by taking care of all logistics matters: handling their peak moments, providing of extra storage space and meeting the need for a better (IT) structure. In this way, we allow Trixie to be scalable and grow even further.

We’re the logistics partner of several recognized brands

Many world-renowned apparel, footwear and sports brands already trust Synogix as their logistics partner. Each of our customers has its own specific needs and challenges. Synogix is highly flexible and is always looking for a suitable supply chain solution for every client.

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Discover below the specific challenges of our customers and how we have overcome these together as their logistics partner.



Patrick is specialized in teamwear for sports clubs.


Patrick is a typical example of peak deliveries. 70% of the total volume has to be delivered to the clubs in 3 months, just before the start of a new season.

Moreover, Patrick also has an exceptional order profile: clubs order specific items per individual player that need to be personalised correctly later in the process.

Logistics solution

As their trusted logistics partner, we helped Patrick overcome these challenges. To do this, we invested in a revolutionary goods-to-man order picking system: AutoStore.

With the help of AutoStore, products are stored in 44.000 extremely compactly stacked bins, over which robots operate. This makes storage and order picking for Patrick flawless, fast, dust-free, anti-theft and durable.


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