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Client Portal

Thanks to the use of logistics software, we guarantee a smooth and efficient supply chain management. Data-driven insights are key to continuously improve your operations in the back end and to let you stay seamlessly connected to the status of your goods.

Clients have round-the-clock access to detailed warehouse & carrier information through our secure Client Portal. Data resulting from ad hoc search queries can be exported in several formats.

The client portal offers:

  • secureSecure user access
  • statusStatus of received goods
  • real-timeReal-time visibility of inventory
  • detailedDetailed delivery information

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Client Portal

client portal

kpi platform

KPI Platform

The KPI Platform provides logistic management dashboards through a single, cloud-based sign-in. The dashboards provide an automated view of our performances against mutually defined operational objectives, allowing you to make real-time decisions for your business.

Integration Modules

The Integration Modules provide quick and easy connectivity by offering pre-built connectors and integrations into ERP systems, shopping carts (Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.), retailers, marketplaces, parcel carriers and more.

It was designed to connect supply to demand and to enable rapid sales growth and channel expansion for your brand while avoiding administrative workload.

Returns portal

With the Returns Portal, we provide the returns management solution that optimally fits the needs of our client’s customers. Our Returns Portal supports a range of return options, from the label in the box to fully integrated returns, with real-time visibility and support in the grading process.

In this way, our logistics software optimizes your stock management and manages all types of reverse logistics processes in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner.

returns portal

Smart routing

The Smart Routing delivery management software ensures fast & reliable carrier integrations, providing our customers with easily scaled & global delivery options. Our goal is to reduce shipping costs, offer flexibility and increase process efficiencies to help you drive sales.

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