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Trixie - a sustainable baby and children's brand - conquered its market at a rapid pace. But as a result, the company also experienced some growing pains. Therefore, they were looking for a logistics service provider that could handle their B2B and B2C flows and support their further growth. After a long and elaborate search, they chose Synogix as their fulfilment partner.

Trixie’s evolution and growth

“Trixie is a Belgian brand that makes sustainable and innovative baby and children’s products”, says Michel Vanfleteren, Owner and Sales Director of Trixie. “Today, our customer portfolio consists of a mix of private customers, larger chains and online players.”

“In recent years, we have acquired a strong position within the specialized distribution of baby products, toys and school accessories”, Michel Vanfleteren continues. “By better aligning our range with market trends, expanding our products with complementary categories and growing our sales network internationally. This resulted in a growth of around 25-30%.”

The search for a logistics service provider

“Trixie is growing fast. But consequently, we also experienced some – mainly logistical – growing pains. That’s why we decided to look for a fulfilment partner who could take care of both our B2B and B2C distribution and who could handle all our logistics challenges. Just think of accommodating peak moments, providing additional storage space and accommodating the need for a better (IT) structure.”

“After a long search and two not-so-good experiences, we concluded that not every fulfilment partner can meet the logistics requirements of some of our larger customers. And that not everyone can perfectly address our capacity challenges with hard KPIs. That’s why we had to continue our search and finally chose Synogix.”

"We have experienced that not every partner is able to handle the logistics flows of some of our larger customers. Fortunately, Synogix can.” - Michel Vanfleteren

Sébastien van Houte, Business Development Manager at Synogix, adds: “We have been active as a logistics service provider since 1950. Over the past years, we have constantly grown with our brands. That’s why we have made the transition from classic B2B players to complex omnichannel retailers within the shoe, fashion and lifestyle world. The result is that today, we can serve all kinds of end customers from the same warehouse. And that we can process large B2B orders, small webshop orders and everything in between in a cost-efficient and operationally streamlined way.”

Peace of mind within the organization

Today, Trixie clearly notices the added value of a logistics partner that understands their model and challenges. “Synogix can perfectly manage both our inbound and outbound logistics and this has undoubtedly brought back the serenity within our organization”, Michel Vanfleteren continues. “Sales can work confidently again, knowing that products that are in stock today will be delivered to the customer tomorrow. And because our focus is now back on sales and marketing and the workload in customer service has been reduced, we are revising the structure of this department and filling it out in a much more sales-oriented way.”

"Finally, we can focus again on our core business: sales and marketing."

Stimulating future growth

“Since Synogix is highly motivated and they can trust on Cortina’s logistics structure and expertise, we are convinced that they can support us in realizing our growth ambitions”, Michel Vanfleteren concludes. “Among other things, by making our products available to customers all over the world in a fast and easy way. In fact, everyone could use a partner like Synogix: a specialized and family-owned logistics service provider with the advantages of a multinational.”

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